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Protexin Soluble is a probiotic for the maintenance of normal digestive function in pets. A probiotic is a culture of 'friendly' bacteria which grow in the gut forming a protective layer and helping to pathogenc bacteria from attaching to the gut wall.


Under normal conditions, the intestinal lining is completely covered with friendly bacteria but these can become depleted in conditions of stress, during disease and after antibiotic therapy.

If your pet has recently suffered from a digestive upset, your vet may recommend a course of probiotics. The bacteria in Protexin Soluble are highly active probiotics which only start to grow when they enter the conditions found in the intestines. They are very good at out-competing other bacteria.

Protexin Soluble is applied directly onto the food or dissolved in water.

The case for the use of probiotics has been well documented in animals for food production but there are also good reasons to prescribe their use in dogs and cats.

All veterinary surgeons will recognise persistent loose faeces in kittens and pups. Administration of a probiotic such as Protexin Soluble containing viable cultures of normal gut commensals will promote the establishment of a layer of harmless bacteria on the surface of the gut and help help to limit this phenomenon; this is often referred to as competitive exclusion.

It is also widely acknowledged that antibiotic therapy particularly for digestive disorders will not only destroy pathogenic bacteria but will also incapacitate the normal gut flora. This will be replaced naturally over time but is the process is speeded up with the supplementation of probiotic bacteria. Hence the common recommendation by practising veterinary surgeons, is for pet owners to feed natural yoghurt to their convalescing cats and dogs.

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