Ordering Prescription Only Medicines

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the products in our online store require a prescription before they can be dispatched. Please read the following information carefully before you order any prescription only medicines (POM).

Prescription Only Medicines are identified in the products listing with the following text:

This product requires a written prescription from your veterinary surgeon. We are only able to dispatch the product upon receipt of the valid and original written prescription in the post.

Ordering POMs

These items can be added to your shopping trolley as usual, and we will debit the total cost of your shopping cart using the card details you provide. However, if you have any products in your shopping trolley that require a prescription we CANNOT dispatch your ordered items to you until we receive an original, signed and valid prescription form from your veterinary surgeon. Once we receive this form, we aim to dispatch your products to you in 1 working day. You can speed up this process by faxing or scanning & emailing a copy to us. Please visit our Contact Us page for contact details.

You can download and print off a PRESCRIPTION FORM to have your vet fill out by CLICKING HERE, however your veterinary sugeon may prefer to use their own prescription form. You may expect to pay a small charge for your vet's time to write the prescription and your vet will advise you on the number of times the prescription can be repeated between check ups. The prescription is usually valid for 6 months.

Once your veteterinary surgeon has completed and signed the prescription form, please fax or scan & email a copy of your prescription to us (clearly stating your order confirmation number) to secure your order and post the original, so that we can dispatch your order. For legal reasons we will retain your original prescription. Please visit our Contact Us page for contact details.

When processing your order please note that we can only dispatch your order containing prescription only medicines to the address on the prescription. We are unable to accept prescriptions written by veterinary surgeons outside the UK. We do not ship prescription medicines internationally.

When processing your order please note that we can only dispatch the maximum quantity (including any repeats) of the prescription only medicine as stated on the prescription within the expiry time (usually 6 months unless otherwise stated). If an order is made for a larger quantity than allowed on the prescription the balance will be retained pending receipt of a new prescription. Split boxes cannot be refunded. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the correct amount is ordered.    

PLEASE NOTE: If a refund or an amendment to an order is requested by the customer or if we are unable to dispatch your order for the following reasons, we reserve the right to charge a fee of £5.00 to cover card processor transaction charges and/or administration regarding:

  • an order that contains prescription only medicines that the customer does not have an original and valid written prescription from a veterinary surgeon 
  • an order that contains prescription only medicines that the customer has requested to be dispatched to an address other than that shown on the prescription (including a non-UK address)
  • an order that contains an item (including type, size, quantity and dosage) of prescription only medicine different to that on the prescription supplied


Scheduled Drugs

Please note there are additional restrictions for scheduled drugs (such as EPIPHEN). There are only a small handful of these and they are identified in the products listing with the following text:

***This is a SCHEDULED DRUG, additional restrictions apply. The full quantity of medication allowed on the prescription must be purchased within 28 days of the date signed (not 6 months). The original prescription must be posted to us before we can dispense.***


Returns of POMs

Please note that legally we cannot accept any returns of prescription medicines for a refund. They can be returned for disposal only.