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The Petosan Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit is specifically formulated for pets to help remove plaque and prevent the build-up of tartar.


Each Petosan Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit contains 70g tube of tasty poultry flavour toothpaste and one double headed toothbrush to enable easier (and quicker!) cleaning around your pets teeth. No rinsing required.

Available in two toothbrush sizes, small (up to 15Kg) & large (15Kg +)

Petosan's innovative design has proved to be particularly user-friendly and effective, and due to its two brush segments in angular relationship. The Petosan toothbrush simplifies brushing and enables more pet owners to clean their pets teeth and thereby improving their oral hygiene.

Petosan toothpaste for dogs:
Specifically formulated for pets to help remove plaque
and prevent the build-up of tartar
Tasty poultry flavour
No rinsing required

Petosan Dog Toothpaste ingredients; Aqua,Sorbitol,Hydrated Silica,Kaolin,Trapoassium Pyrophosphate,Glycerin, Tetrasodium Phyrophosphate,Cellulose Gum(Carboxymethyl Cellulose Gum) Flavour, Saccharin,Sodium Benzoate.

Petosan Double-Headed Dental Brush for Optimal Performance:

Designed by team of dentists and veterinarians
Makes adequate dental cleaning at home easier to accomplish
The brush is angled towards the teeth and gumline for optimal plaque removal
Cleans the inside and the outside surfaces at the same time

Brushing your dog's teeth is as important as brushing your own:

Plaque and tartar cause gum disease, which in time may lead to periodantal disease and painful loss of teeth.
Ultimately dental diseased may harm internal organs.
Regular cleaning at home using the Petosan double-headed toothbrush and the Petosan Toothpaste helps prevent dental disease.

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