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Boasting the powerful properties of RF2, a naturally occurring anti-biofilm agent that is unique to Genitrix Dentagen products, Dentagen Wax for dogs and cats is an effective, easy to apply wax that is applied to the gingival border of the outer surface of all teeth. Designed to leave a lasting antibacterial film, Dentagen Wax destroys the plaque producing bacteria leaving your pet's mouth cleaner, fresher and less smelly.


In the UK, 87% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of three are affected by periodontal disease.

Dental plaque is the major causative agent for periodontal disease.

Current preventative measures rely on mechanical, enzymatic or antibacterial methods to reduce the amount of plaque on the teeth.

Dentagen is different. It contains RF2 the surface biofilm control agent.

Research at the University of Ghent (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Microbiology) involved setting up a dental plaque mimicking biofilm flow system. In this artificial mouth model, hundreds of plant extracts and plant fractions were screened for their inhibitory potential on biofilm formation. Plaque is a biofilm.

A natural anti-plaque compound was elucidated from one of these plant screens and coded RF2.

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