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Size: 250ML
Code: 286217
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Manufacturer: Dechra Veterinary Products Ltd
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Dentagen Aqua is a palatable water additive which contains RF2 for maintaining healthy teeth and gums and keeping breath fresh by preventing the build up of plaque.


Dentagen Aqua is simply added to the drinking water of cats or dogs to provide 24 hour protection against plaque.

It forms part of the unique Dentagen Dental Care Programme and contains no harmful additives.

Directions for use:

For Dogs > 12Kg add 10ml (1 capful) to 1 litre of fresh drinking water
For Dogs & Cats < 12Kg add 5ml (1/2 capful) to 500ml of fresh drinking water
Replace with fresh Dentagen Aqua solution every 24 hours.

It is imperative that the level of water consumption in cats is sustained to maintain renal function.

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